The gynaecological examination, often as part of a preventive gynaecological examination (PGE), has a legislatively determined content. Despite the efforts of all those involved, women's attendance in gynaecological examinations is insufficient. The aim of this short report is to highlight the current status of women's attendance at PGE in Slovakia and to present the expectations as well as reasons for women's attendance in gynaecological examination based on studies.

Material and methods:
A study design of literature review was chosen.

The results of the studies suggest ways to increase women's attendance at PGE. Communication skills of physicians and nurses/midwives, creating a safe and intimate environment, as well as consistent education about the examination process are considered key factors for increasing women's participation in PGE.

Exploring the topic in a broader context may help to understand some of the changing aspects of women's motivation to participate, but more importantly to understand the importance of the attitude of health professionals in gynaecological examinations.

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